3 Series 300A11

3 Series 300A11

The 3 Series 300A11

The 3 Series 300A11 provides forced air heating, air conditioning, and even generates a portion of your home's hot water — all from a single interior unit. You'll experience a level of comfort and savings that's far greater than any ordinary system without traditional noisy outdoor equipment cluttering up your yard.

While traditional conditioning systems typically run at one speed, the 300A11 operates in two speeds — high and low for greater comfort and efficiency. It'll run most often in low speed to keep your home consistent and efficient but will switch over to high speed in instances where the home needs more conditioning than low speed can provide.

The 3 Series offers efficiencies reaching 22.3 EER for cooling and 4.1 COP for heating in closed loop conditions. These ratings are significantly greater than ordinary conditioning systems and are the result of over three decades of research, engineering advancements, and manufacturing experience.

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